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1052.45% ROI On A Physical Product

About Uuni

Uuni is a company that manufactures the well known Uuni oven. The story began when Kristian was searching for a pizza oven and soon realized that none of the existing brands were affordable, let alone offered true portability. Of all the options, Kristian decided to go with the craziest one - he designed his own portable wood-fired oven.

To this day, customers can hardly believe the one fact always perpetuated by the Uuni team; Uuni can cook a genuine pizza in just 60 seconds, while adding that specific wood-fired flavour.

The Uuni team and its product range are growing rapidly. The company has won multiple awards for design, innovation, and business and now ships to over 60 countries around the world.

Uuni grew 235% in 2015 and 340% in 2016 meaning the team are on track to reach their ambitious goal of being one of the top 5 global outdoor cooking brands by 2020.




The Challenge

The Uuni team strived to accomplish two specific goals; To establish Facebook as a primary paid advertising channel and leverage the strong community on Facebook to launch their newest product, the Uuni Pro, via Indiegogo. Nothing sells better than a product highly relevant among its desired audience, which in this case, consisted mostly of early adopters.

A while back in 2012 they had a successful Kickstarter campaign which introduced their first oven. The campaign reached its funding target within two weeks and achieved more than 220% of its funding goal. For their new oven, the Uuni Pro, the Uuni team was looking for similar results, but this time, on Indiegogo.

The Strategy

Initial research & testing produced the answers as to what the ideal audience for this type of product is like - they love spending free time outdoors with their family and friends, and they love pizza, especially if it’s homemade with a bit of wood-fired flavour.

Right from the start, it was obvious that we’ll need to pre-frame the audience and slowly guide them through the Uuni’s story. Luckily, Uuni already had a lot of video assets which were ideal for driving cold traffic, followed by segmented retargeting sequences on Facebook.

Similar principles were applied during the Uuni Pro launch on Indiegogo.

4 years ago Uuni revolutionized the way we cook outdoors. Since then, tens of thousands of people enjoyed fantastic...

Posted by Uuni on Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Results



Of The Funding Goal Reached


Return On Investment


Engagement Rate

Of The Funding Goal Reached

Return On Investment

Engagement Rate

Their work has had a positive impact on our company. Although they sometimes found it challenging to get content from us, our campaigns have been quite successful. Overall, the owners have been happy with their work.

Leslie Horne, Head of Marketing @ Uuni