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Get more installs with Pinterest App Install Campaigns

Pinterest is a unique social media platform used for discovery of new ideas and content. It is user-focused social media network that learns what their users love and presents them with the most relevant content. Pinterest users already love food, travel, home decor so it is a great choice for following app categories: Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Shopping, Travel

Step 1

Analyze the market

Pinterest is a mobile oriented platform, with more than 80% of users using the Pinterest mobile app. It makes it convenient to reach your users while they're on their mobile device. And moreover, it gives you access to the most relevant users. For example, 8 in 10 US women 22-54 with high-income use Pinterest, ahead of other social media platforms.

Pinterest users come to platform to discover & shop, so lifestyle themes will fit in the best. User also can save your ads to their "boards" and further promote your app on their profiles.

Step 2

Targeting the right users

To get app installs, you need to put your Pinterest Promoted App Pins in front of the most relevant audience. Keyword targeting enables you to choose in which searches will your app appear. You can further optimize the ads with the help of negative keywords and search terms reports to pin-point the most relevant searches.

You can target your audience by gender, age, location or device.

Audience targeting helps you to decide who you're going to show your ads to. You can target the users who have engaged with your app or brand. After you've found out your most valuable users, use Pinterest Actalike audience to find users with similar interests and behaviors.

Step 3

Promoted App Pins

With Promoted App Pins, your user will easily discover and download your app. Android and iOS apps can be downloaded directly from the Promoted Pin, with the single tap of the install button. The app will be immediately installed, without a need of leaving the Pinterest app.

Promoted App Pins come with an install button, but you should always include CTA and display the main benefits of your app in the ad copy. Include the most important points in the first 60 characters of the description. The rest might be truncated in the Pinterest feed.

Step 4


First step of creating Promoted App Pin is to create a static or video pin that promotes your app and lead to the App Store or Google Play Store. Include a clear value proposition in your Pin as well as the Google Play or App Store badge. The app creatives should tell the story of your app and include the app screenshots. That way Pinner can know what they can expect when they install the game.

Keep your ads simple & clean, making it easier for audience to notice your product. Keeping visual distractions at a minimum will make your brand stand out & bring you best results.

Step 5

Start acquiring users & measure your results

That's it, your ads are ready to go and you can start with user acquisition on Pinterest. In the reporting dashboard you'll have access to the important metrics like Cost per Install and App Installs - number of conversions. Tracking these metrics will show you how your campaings are performing and help you identify what needs to be optimized.

Think about the timing. Pinterest is discovery platform, so your users will use it in the early stage of the shopping process. So you'll want to leave attribution window open to give users enough time to convert. Pinterest recommends using at least 30 days for clicks, 30 days for engagement and 1 day for views.

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