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Snapchat App Install Campaigns

Udonis, a mobile marketing agency, acquired over 400,000 players on Snapchat. We acquired players on Snapchat for our clients in the following game genres: Arcade, Action, Casual, Hyper-Casual, Educational, Card, Strategy, Puzzle, Word and Racing. Our campaigns survived the test of time and today we're sharing our tips & trick on Snapchat ads. Still wondering why choose Snapchat app install ads? Well, Snapchat has very active users and distinct & young audience that you'll be able to catch with advanced targeting options.

Step 1

Campaign research w/ audience insights

Learning more about your target audience is the first step to creating a successful Snapchat App Install Campaign. A useful tool for getting to know your target audience on Snapchat is called Insights, platform’s built-in audience research tool. Snapchat Insights will help you to get a step closer to knowing who to target.

This tool will cut your learning curve when it comes to who do you want to target. Not knowing who's your target audience can have monetary aftermath, which translates into high CPI, irrelevant user base and low in-app engagement of newly acquired players.

Step 2

KPI's - Key Performance Indicators

Being able to measure the results from your game is non-arguably one of the most important things in the mobile game business. Why? Well, first and foremost, you can't really know if something is working or no if you can't accurately measure it. If you can't accurately measure, you can't benchmark the performance. Then, you can't really optimize it either. But let's look at the flip side of this as well; If you can measure, then you can benchmark, then you can optimize, and ultimately achieve better results with every new version of the game. Amazing!

There are some universal KPIs for every app, such as; CPI (Cost-per-install), CLTV (Customer-lifetime-value), Cohort Retention (Day 1, Day 7, Day 30), Churn Rate, etc... which indicate how well is your game performing against the players, and the market. Since every game is different, make sure to align the KPIs with the business model behind the game in order to truly understand what's happening in the background.

Step 3

Use 3rd Party Attribution

To verify that game install or an in-app event actually happened & post back that data to Snapchat ads manager, it is recommended that you user 3rd party analytics/attribution platform. You'll do that with one of the Snap's approved partners for mobile tracking: TUNE, Adjust, AppsFlyer, Kochava, Apsalar, mParticle, Branch or Tenjin. To set up tracking, follow the implementation guidelines provided by platform of your choice.

Step 4

Snapchat ad formats

With Snapchat, find the perfect way to reach your audience, and drive the results that matter to you.

Each type of Snapchat ad offers a different way of approaching and engageing with your players. Get a hold of powerful and unique ad formats to capture the attention of Millenial and Gen Z users around the globe.

You can choose one from 6 different Snapchat ad formats:

  • Snap Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Story Ads
  • AR Lenses
  • Filters
  • Commercials

Creatives you can use in any of the 4 Snapchat ad placement listed above are:

  • Publisher stories
  • Our stories
  • Shows
  • User stories

Snapchat is camera-oriented platform, which uses a mix of both pictures and videos.

Video can be from 3 to 10 seconds long, so you don't have much time to get your message across. A attention grabbing well rounded video with a clear statement is a best way to communicate a message to you players.

Step 5

Audience research & Targeting options on Snapchat

Reach the most relevant Snapchatters for your game and goals.

Snapchat offers some very powerful targeting options. It is made possible with the help of both Oracle Data Cloud and Nielsen Marketing Cloud DMP, enabling you to target very precise user groups. Take advantage of Snapchat's different targeting options:

  • Interests & Behaviors – target Snapchatters based on the things they like and do
  • Demographics – targeting by age, gender, categories like household income or parental status
  • Location – country, location category (like “universities”), a radius around a specific addresses
  • Custom Audiences – allowing you to retargeted Snapchatters who have already seen your ads or engaged with your business
  • Lookalikes – helping you expand your reach by finding Snapchatters similar to your existing players.

These targeting features will help you connect with the Snapchatters most relevant to your game.

Step 6

Testing your ads & measuring results

The testing phase is crucial for the launch of any successful app campaign, and Snapchat campaigns are no exception. The testing phase allows the platform to "learn" which players are most likely to install your game. Testing every element of your campaigns so you know what's working and what's not. If you measure the results of your A/B tests, you'll be certain what needs to be change and you will improve overall performance during the campaign lifecycle. How to test your ads? Simple. Change something and wait to see what happens. Change the headline and run the campaign for a couple of days. It will give you an idea of what to do more, and what to do less in your ads. After your campaigns finished the test phase, you're ready to launch them and start acquiring new players.

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