Tap into starving crowds of prospects

While you've been thinking about likes and followers your competitors have been making sales.

Don't waste your Facebook budget on broad audience. Utilize the power of data-driven approach with Udonis to build audience that can quickly and effectively be converted to new customers.

Attract the right kind customers to your business


Realize the importance of data in order to engage with the highest performing segments of your target market.


Your message can reach more than 1.8 billion of people on Facebook without opening new offices or starting separate operations.


Leverage the power of cross-device tracking and show your message on devices that are most likely to produce the revenue.


Choose the right time to display your message, while your potential customers enjoy their morning coffee, or while they spend time with their family.

Targeting & Segmentation Done Right

Segment your audience by spending classes, demographics, interests and previous behaviors that lead to sales.




Relationship Status
Education Level


OS Version
Wi-Fi Connectivity


Actions taken with sites and apps
Offline purchase behavior
Likes and interests

Human Experience

Real time (weather, events)
Seasonality (mothers)

180 RT™

retargeting system

Re-target people who already visited your website with our 180 RT ™ system to maximize your profits.

Prospect's journey begins with a single click and you have exactly 180 days to transform those prospects into high value customers.

Throughout that journey we focus on delivering the right message, key selling points and information crucial for prospects to make a buying decision.

Custom & Lookalike Audience

Majority of advertisers overlook one of the most powerful techniques in digital age – developing custom & lookalike audience.

Custom audience allow us to upload your existing databases into the back end of Facebook to run laser-targeted advertising campaigns to re-engage lost customers or people with similar interest like your existing customers.

Ready to maximize the return on your ad spend?


Reach people who matter the most to your business

Not only can you reach more people through Google, Linked or Facebook, you can get in touch with people who are most likely to become your customers.

Hyper-targeted leads just few clicks away

You can reach your goals by reaching the right people. Our adverts are designed to help you get the best possible response from the people who see your advert.

By using over hundreds data points, at Udonis we're able to quickly find your ideal audience and efficiently communicate the right message across advertising multiple platforms in order to achieve the highest possible returns.

Advertising on steroids

Once campaign concept is proven and desired price per lead is achieved - it's time to scale.

Whether you're looking to win new markets, scale your existing advertising efforts or efficiently launch new products or services generating new leads is always first step to success.

Find out what's working and maximize the impact

In Udonis we strongly believe in power of data-driven approach to advertising. We make sure that we get into the smallest details about every person engaged with your business so you can continue to engage them through hyper-targeted adverts and paid promotions.

Ready to maximize the return on your ad spend?